What does it do?

The base PC-FXGA package is quite comprehensive in terms of content and capabilities, it allows for playing all PC-FX games and PC-FXGA CD games (SameGame FX & Nnyu) out of the box.

Every PC-FXGA package also includes SameGameFX on CD.

The other CD that comes as part of the package (Blue CD for PC-98 and Red CD for DOS/V) contains a number of demos/games, some of these are playable and some are pre-rendered video files.

What’s neat as well is that a 3D editor called DogaGenie is included and allows for the creation of 3D models and scenes that can then be rendered directly on the PC-FXGA board and displayed via the composite or s-video output. DogaGenie runs on Windows.

Here are some examples of scenes that can be created using DogaGenie:

To be continued…

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