Installation Guide (DOS/V)

Installation Guide (DOS/V)

There are 2 ways to get a PC-FXGA DOS/V card working on a Western PC:

  1. Install Japanese OSes, DOS/V and/or Windows 95/98
  2. Install plain old MS-DOS 6.22

Many thanks to Brandon Cobb from SuperFighterTeam for trying out the MS-DOS 6.22 installation and reporting back on his success. The only downside of installing MS-DOS 6.22 instead of DOS/V is that you’ll lose the pretty japanese characters on the command line but really, who cares 😉

The below installation guide was originally designed for DOS/V setups, however the same installation process applies for MS-DOS 6.22. This guide is based on PC-FXGA Hyperclub’s installation guide.

1. Hardware requirement

CPU i486SX 33MHz over (recommend i486DX4 100MHz over)
Memory 640KB over
HDD 200KB over
CD-ROM 300KB/sec (x2) (recommend 600KB/sec (x4))
OS MS-DOS6.2/V PC-DOS J6.3V Windows95(MS-DOS mode)
CD-ROM Extensions V2.2 later
Other TV or Monitor (owned VIDEO in or S-VIDEO in)

2. I/O port

Factory preset is 0x300-0x30F

3. Install

The installation program uses an ESCAPE SEQUENCE, you should install ANSI.SYS before running the installation. Also the program use Japanese code set (Shift JIS), so without a Japanese DOS or Windows 95 you commande line screen will look like this, not very practical…

Select installation drive.
Enter Installation Directory.
Select I/O address.
Begin Installation? Yes or No?
The directory does not exist, would you like to create it?
Installation is complete, press any key.
After the installation these files are created on the C drive.

4. How to start

Execute PCFX.BAT

5. How to close the program

Push Esc key

6. Map your save to the HDD

By default, the PC-FXGA will back up your saves on the A: drive. You can change the destination drive simply by editing the BACKUP.INI as below:

Before After


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