The PC-FXGA in its fairly short lifespan didn’t have a lot of software released for it, merely:

  • 2 Games on CD
  • 4 variants of the SDK

In terms of games released on CD it was mainly Same Game FX as a pack-in game and Nnyu which came with the only development book released for the system.

On top several SDKs were released, yes the PC-FXGA didn’t come with an SDK per se as part of the standard package, just SAMEGAMEFX, a CD with demo games & movies and in some versions with a CD containing PC-FX character pictures.

The SDK is called is called GMAKER and comes as a standard version or a plus (+) version, if I recall well the main difference between both is that the GMAKER version comes with a C compiler and GMAKER+ with an Assembly compiler on top, more on that later.

There was  a PC-98 version of the PC-FXGA that game with a packed-in GMAKER CD, as a promotion, check the models page for more details.


samegames fx front

SameGameFX was packed-in with every version of the PC-FXGA boards except obviously FX-98IF which is just a regular PC-FX slapped onto a PC-98 expansion board.

SameGameFX is played on a rectangular field, typically initially filled with four or five kinds of blocks placed at random. By selecting a group of adjoining blocks of the same color, a player may remove them from the screen. Blocks that are no longer supported will fall down, and a column without any blocks will be trimmed away by other columns always sliding to one side (often the left). The goal of the game is to remove as many blocks from the playing field as possible. (source: Wikipedia)

Gameplay video:

Manual scan & CD:



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