The PC-FXGA in its fairly short lifespan didn’t have a lot of software released for it, merely:

  • 2 Games on CD
  • 4 variants of the SDK
  • A dozen or so of games/demos/apps some homebrewed


In terms of games released on CD it was mainly Same Game FX as a pack-in game and Nnyu which came with the only development book released for the system.

On top several SDKs were released, yes the PC-FXGA didn’t come with an SDK per se as part of the standard package, just SAMEGAMEFX, a CD with demo games & movies and in some versions with a CD containing PC-FX character pictures.

The SDK is called is called GMAKER and comes as a standard version or a plus (+) version, if I recall well the main difference between both is that the GMAKER version comes with a C compiler and GMAKER+ with an Assembly compiler on top, more on that later.

There was  a PC-98 version of the PC-FXGA that game with a packed-in GMAKER CD, as a promotion, check the models page for more details.


samegames fx front

SameGameFX was packed-in with every version of the PC-FXGA boards except obviously FX-98IF which is just a regular PC-FX slapped onto a PC-98 expansion board.

SameGameFX is played on a rectangular field, typically initially filled with four or five kinds of blocks placed at random. By selecting a group of adjoining blocks of the same color, a player may remove them from the screen. Blocks that are no longer supported will fall down, and a column without any blocks will be trimmed away by other columns always sliding to one side (often the left). The goal of the game is to remove as many blocks from the playing field as possible. (source: Wikipedia)

Gameplay video:

Manual scan & CD:

NNYU – Programming Book


4 versions of the SDK were released:

  • GMAKER for PC-98
  • GMAKER/PLUS for PC-98
  • GMAKER for DOS/V



Here is non-definitive list of games/demos/apps released with the PC-FXGA and some homebrew. I’m trying to find each of these games and make videos out of them but the websites of the developers have long gone so relying on which is slightly challenging as they don’t archive exactly everything… I will post videos in the future of as many of these as I can get my hands on.

List in Japanese

タイトル 作者 ジャンル 公開日
Jercrius KMC シューティング 1995.12.8
拳舞 OUCC アクション 1995.12.8
Moon Kids Paradise Bio_100% アクション 1995
ん~にゅ~ たいにゃん アクション 1996.7.12
DAGYRUSS Bio_100% シューティング 1996.7.12
ROLLOUT Bio_100% シューティング 1996.7.12
ワールドプロレス 門田 明彦 スポーツ
アトミックファイター5 門田 明彦 アクション 1997.7.12
MON GRANPRIX 3 門田 明彦 アクション 1997.7.12
BULL POLICE 門田 明彦 アクション 1997.7.22
レースゲーム 門田 明彦 アクション 1997.8.30
バトルゲーム(無題) YggDore アクション 1997.12
16パズル 安達 良則 パズル 1997.7.24
MON GRANPRIX 4 門田 明彦 アクション 1998.1.23
一騎駆 Ruon シューティング 1998.1.27
ストーカー(仮) ~逃れられぬ愛~ HANATYAN アクション 1998.2.17
たらったらったー HANATYAN アクション 1998.2.17
プッシュ 門田 明彦 アクション 1998.2.19
最後の武士 門田 明彦 アクション 開発中
Dimention-I YggDore パズル 開発中
FORCES UNIT ADE シューティング 開発中
パイルル チーム・イグニッション パズル 開発中

List in English (Google translated)

title author Genre release date
Jercrius KMC Shooting 1995. 12.8
Ken Mai OUCC action 1995. 12.8
Moon Kids Paradise Bio – 100% action 1995
Nu ~ My dear action 1996.7.12
DAGYRUSS Bio – 100% Shooting 1996.7.12
ROLLOUT Bio – 100% Shooting 1996.7.12
World Pro Wrestling Akihiko Kadota Sports
Atomic fighter 5 Akihiko Kadota action 1997.7.12
MON GRANPRIX 3 Akihiko Kadota action 1997.7.12
BULL POLICE Akihiko Kadota action 1997.7.22
Racing game Akihiko Kadota action 1997.8.30
Battle game (Untitled) YggDore action 1997.12
16 puzzles Yoshinori Adachi puzzle 1997.7.24
MON GRANPRIX 4 Akihiko Kadota action 1998.1.23
One ride Ruon Shooting 1998.1.27
Stalker (provisional) ~ love you can not escape ~ HANATYAN action 1998.2.17
I was taught HANATYAN action 1998.2.17
push Akihiko Kadota action 1998.2.19
The last samurai Akihiko Kadota action In development
Dimention-I YggDore puzzle In development
FORCES UNIT ADE Shooting In development
Paille Team · Ignition puzzle In development


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