Gameplay: Ultra Seven – Chikyū Bōei Sakusen – Bandai Playdia

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Time for some little obscure gameplay 🙂 I’ve had a Playdia for a long time but I never really used it. Why would I anyway? 😉 I wanted to test my EZCap 148 dongle on Windows 8.1 and it seems to be working just fine.

The game I’m playing today is Ultra Seven – Chikyū Bōei Sakusen a game based on the Ultraman series sequel, Ultra Seven. Like most Playdia games, Ultra Seven is some kind of interactive movie, however this one also has a few action sequences.

My japanese being a bit rusty, I didn’t really know what I was doing most of the time. I only played for a short period  of time so there might be more to this game than what is showed on the video…




Merry Christmas!!!

Hey Folks,

Just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas, enjoy the holiday season and hopefully play a lot of games (I know I will!)


F-Zero on PC Engine???

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I hope everyone had (is having) a nice weekend, if you are a PC Engine fan and haven’t heard about a chap called Chris Covell, I recommend you to browse his site.

The guy’s a legend, a wizard when it comes to make the PC Engine do what it’s not meant to do. Check out his Axelay demo running on Supergrafx, it’s crazy.

Now, he’s got a new game out called HuZero, it’s a Hudson style caravan game which mimics really well F-Zero on the SFC, have a try and post your scores!!!

Here are a few shots:


Zelda 3 CD, MSU-1 and SFC CD…

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I’m sure many of you, (if not everybody) have heard about Nintendo’s failed attempt(s) to bring a CD attachment to the Super Famicom, so I won’t go there. The SFC is/was a fantastic machine and the community is doing incredible things in terms of emulation and flash cartridges. Most notably the SD2SNES cartridge and its MSU-1 expansion chip designed by byuu author of the BSNES/Higan emulator.


The MSU-1 enables the Super Famicom to support up to 4GB file size, full motion video (240×144, 256 color, 30fps) and uncompressed 44.1KHz 16-bit stereo PCM that can be mixed with the sound coming out of the SFC sound chip. It pretty much gives the SFC the abilities it could have had with the ill-fated SFC CD Attachment or at least a good idea of it.

So far yet so close...
So far yet so close…

So what’s so exciting now about this MSU-1 chip that came out 2 years ago? Well some of the neat stuff is starting to come out. There is the Road Blaster port done by Dforce3000, a little while ago which plays amazing well, the game is much more responsive than any other versions I’ve tried in the past:

There’s also a promising Super Mario World sequel in the work called Super Mario Odissey:

But, recently someone hacked Zelda 3 and released an updated version with a full orchestral soundtrack and an intro video, nothing less!

Zelda 3 is one of the games I enjoyed the most on the SFC, so obviously I had to try this new version and boy does it change the experience for the better. The audio generated by the SFC sound chip is already amazing for its time. But playing Zelda 3 with CD quality audio is just priceless. Even the intro video taken from Zeldamotion animation, sets the scene really well.

So, without further ado, here is a preview:

You can try for yourself on your SD2SNES or by emulation with BSNES/Higan by going to the project page, here. If you’d like to make your own SFC MSU-1 games then head to this page.

The MSU-1 is probably the closest thing we’ll ever experience  to a SFC CD and it’s incredible that it even exist, mega KUDOS to its creator and folks exploiting it, keep it coming!

As for me, well, I’m going back playing some more 😉

More PS4 Gameplay – P.T. Silent Hills

Hey Folks,

I’ve been playing with the PS4 a bit more and in light of the P.T. SHs demo/trailer and my struggles with solving the last puzzle, I thought a post was in order with some footage.

I think P.T. is a genius marketing coup, I’m quite thrilled to see Kojima-san’s and Del Toro’s name on the bill and best of all the trailer is playable. Let’s hope the final game will keep P.T. in mind.

The game overall is not very difficult to complete but the last puzzle is a little more challenging than the others, basically you need to make things happen to hear 3 baby laughs in order to access the actual game trailer. The 1st & 3rd laughs are easy to trigger but the 2nd one took me several hours to get, here’s how it happened for me.


PS4 Video Gameplay – Strider

Hey Folks,

Having a bit of fun with the PS4 yesterday, playing Strider. Although I was quite sceptical about this remake at first, I find it quite enjoyable and obviously much longer than the original one. I thought I’d do a test of the PS4 video capture capabilities. I’m quite pleased that I can export video files directly to USB and do what I want with them somewhere else. Nothing too fancy this time, just me playing 🙂 Enjoy!

Happy New Year!!!

Hey Folks,

Happy New Year, all the best for 2014 and lots of Retro Gaming happiness stuffs!!! Another year has gone by and not the least exciting one in the gaming world, after a nice long break from work which included a whole week bed bound with flu… I am back in action and ready to post… a long one…

The biggest news of December was the Christmas release of ToeJam & Earl III Beta on the Dreamcast by ZakhooiTM from the ASSEMblerGames forums. The Dreamcast shows again that it can surprise after all these years. The game itself feels very much like the first TJ&E on the Megadrive, it’s very playable and there’s even a 2 players mode. Most people can get up to level 9-10 before the game locks-up but someone managed to get to level 25! I’ve only played through to level 3, it’s quite a fun game, it feels much better than the Xbox version. Head over the ASSEMblerGames forums to download your copy. The release had the blessing of Greg Johnson & Mark Voorsanger, the original makers of the game but not SEGA, obviously…

Big ups to ZakhooiTM for the release, the guy didn’t even ask for any donations to cover his costs, which we all appreciate!!! His only ask is to donate whatever people can to a special school, the Mardan School in the US.

Yakumo from SEGAGAGA Domain made a Retro Core Special on the game which you can view here:

Also below is an interview with Greg Johnson made by SegaNerds, the beta is mentioned at 36:30, worth watching for TJ&E fans.

While we are on the subject of Yakumo, the man has been busy over the Christmas period:

Retro Core 4 – Volume 14

In this episode, Yakumo is reviewing:

– Pulseman on the Megadrive
– A+m+o+k on the Saturn
– Appleseed on the SuperFamicom

Battle of the Ports – Golden Axe

As you guessed in this BOTP episode, Yakumo-san reviews various ports of Golden Axe, including the awful PC Engine port ;( can’t believe they messed it up that much, still hurts as of today x)

Finally if you are a fan of fighting games on the Saturn, Yakumo has uploaded the RETRO CORE SUMMER SPECIAL 2010 – Sega Saturn Fighting Special, show on Youtube, featuring 65 games and with a Total Running time of 2 hours 39 minutes, no less!!! The show is split in 5 parts, enjoy!!!

RETRO CORE SUMMER SPECIAL 2010 – Sega Saturn Fighting Special

That’s all for now, more to come on NEC stuffs, stay tuned!!!