I’m sabre470, SUPER CD·ROM² À GOGO is my new blog, here we will mostly talk about (retro)-videogames. I am what people tend to call these days a gamer… I have been playing and collecting video games from the tender age of 7 starting on the amazing MSX computer up to the current generation and somewhat mobile.

I hope you will enjoy your stay, if you have any questions on this blog, feel free to drop me a line, anytime!!!


8 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello,

    I wanted to talk about Forsaken 2 that was cancelled. I am an indy game developer and I would like to take a shot at reviving this game and bring it in to the next gen. platform. I fell in love with Forsaken on the PC and Forsaken 64 so I thought it would be good to resurrect the title.

  2. Hello Sabre!! I was hoping you could shed some light on the PC-FX98IF for me. I came across a few mentions and pictures of it but I’m not exactly sure what it does or what justified its existence. I feel like I’m missing a key piece of information but details on it are very scarce. Any help is MUCH appreciated. Thanks!!


    1. Hi Tristan, thanks for your message, the PC-FX98IF is basically a PC-FX on a PC98 board, not much more. It misses the additional 3D chip from the PC-FXGA PC98 and the PC-FXGA DOS/V. I’ve not come across many of them. This chap on the AssemblerGames Forums owns one https://www.assemblergames.com/members/kisaku.23300/. Perhaps he can give you more information.

  3. Hi, I just bought a PC-FXGA ISA card off Yahoo Auctions. Unfortunately no software is included with the card. It’s also missing the cable so I will have to figure out the pin connector and make my own. I take it you need the software included with the card to make it work, just wondering If you could help out. I found a disk image for the PC-98 version but it don’t think that will work.


    1. Hi, well done on getting a PC-FXGA 🙂 The floppy should be easy to find, making a breakout box should be doable but I don’t think there are any schematics online assuming this is what you’re missing. I replied to your message on magicengine.com.

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