Kid Klown in Crazy Chase (Sample/Beta/Prototype)

Hey Folks,

A long long looonnng time ago, I bought this sample/beta/prototype cart from a mate in Japan, the game is Kid Klown in Crazy Chase for the Super Famicom.

This game is probably one of the most frustrating games I’ve ever get to play in my life.  You can find a detailed review here on Nintendo Life.

Pretty much everything in this game is out to get you… and it gets you frequently, very frequently. Secondly you need to collect items (four playing-card suit symbols) while you are running down in the game (you can only run down the levels) in order to get the key that unlocks the next level…

I recently bought a new capture/streaming device so I thought I’d dust off this old cart and play a little.

What’s interesting about this cart is that it only contains 2 levels (the first 2 levels of the final game) and 1 bonus level, after that it gives you a nice Mode 7 animated Coming Soon message and goes back to the game title.

This cart was most likely sent to a magazine or even a store for preview/review purpose, although it seems quite custom with 2 large eproms coming off the back of the cart, perhaps it contain development code who knows?

There is an exact same cart or perhaps this exact card mentioned on SNES Central. Although this cart here doesn’t have a sticker at the back on top of the eproms or any staining, I wouldn’t be surprised if Kemco made more than one of these if not many, crafty!

Here are a few pictures of the cart:

I haven’t seen major differences (if any) compared to the final game, I’ll try to do a side by side comparison video of this version and retail in the future for posterity.

For now just enjoy some gameplay in 720p60:

Bye for now…



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