Geist Force Intro Movie now with a soundtrack

EDIT: Video file replaced on Vimeo with a new file containing the soundtrack professionally mastered by a studio 🙂

Hey Folks,

On top of being a video game collector, I’m a bit of a guitar/music nerd. If you’ve played Geist Force on the DC, you know that there isn’t any soundtrack on the intro movie. So I decided to give it one metal style… Obviously being a Thunder Force/Lords of Thunder and metal fan, I am a bit biased x) But hopefully you will enjoy it 🙂

This my first stab at making video game music, so be nice 😉 A lot of people will recognise the beginning of the intro… well that’s because of that damn ringtone that wakes me up every morning that I got the idea for the rest of the music… I couldn’t find any better replacement for it, so thank you Apple, I hope you won’t mind… Alea Jacta Est 😉


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