Did Winds (Lords) of Thunder ever exist on the PC-FX???

Hey Folks, Me again 😉 In a previous post we had a look at my Lords Of Thunder Review copy on the Mega (Sega) CD, I love shooters and I love of Wot/LoT a lot!!! I have the game both on Sega CD and PC Engine CD and it has one of the best heavy metal soundtrack a game can get you, IMHO!!! So needless to say when Lords of Thunder FX was announced for the PC-FX back in the 90s, I was super excited. Then we never heard about it again and all we were left with as proof of (in)existence were a few screenshots…

Recently, Celine, a member of the ASSEMbler Games forums pointed out something quite shocking and saddening…

Some people might remember these pictures that appeared in the press around 1992-1993 (these shots are borrowed from PCengineFX.com BTW):

These were published along with shots of demos of the capabilities of the PC-FX and what was called at the time Super Star Soldier FX in 3D , which became Kuma Soldier, which in the end got cancelled and turned into Ginga Fukei Densetsu Sapphire, see Nekofan for more details on that.

I remember at the time, the press were raving about the LoT FX pictures, specifically praising the ability of the PC-FX to render transparency effects…

Now let’s have a look at screenshots extracted from a Winds Of Thunder TV Spot for the PC Engine…

Need I say more??? Let’s have a look at some of these pictures side by side:

There you have it, apart from a few differences in sharpness, contrast and colors, these are coming from the same source material ie Winds Of Thunder TV Spot…

Does it prove that LoT FX was a hoax? Perhaps… I’d like to believe it existed in some shape or form 🙂

Does it make NEC/Hudson Soft bad people? Not really, I mean game companies tend to over-hype their systems as much as they can prior to launch (PS3’s 2005 videos anyone?) But just posting pictures of an existing games’ TV spot is a bit pushing it, I think. Oh well, it’s NEC/Hudson Soft we’ll forgive them if they send us a copy of Kuma Soldier.

To finish this post, have a look at the Winds of Thunder, PC Engine TV Spot:

So long Lords of Thunder FX…

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