Happy New Year!!!

Hey Folks,

Happy New Year, all the best for 2014 and lots of Retro Gaming happiness stuffs!!! Another year has gone by and not the least exciting one in the gaming world, after a nice long break from work which included a whole week bed bound with flu… I am back in action and ready to post… a long one…

The biggest news of December was the Christmas release of ToeJam & Earl III Beta on the Dreamcast by ZakhooiTM from the ASSEMblerGames forums. The Dreamcast shows again that it can surprise after all these years. The game itself feels very much like the first TJ&E on the Megadrive, it’s very playable and there’s even a 2 players mode. Most people can get up to level 9-10 before the game locks-up but someone managed to get to level 25! I’ve only played through to level 3, it’s quite a fun game, it feels much better than the Xbox version. Head over the ASSEMblerGames forums to download your copy. The release had the blessing of Greg Johnson & Mark Voorsanger, the original makers of the game but not SEGA, obviously…

Big ups to ZakhooiTM for the release, the guy didn’t even ask for any donations to cover his costs, which we all appreciate!!! His only ask is to donate whatever people can to a special school, the Mardan School in the US.

Yakumo from SEGAGAGA Domain made a Retro Core Special on the game which you can view here:

Also below is an interview with Greg Johnson made by SegaNerds, the beta is mentioned at 36:30, worth watching for TJ&E fans.

While we are on the subject of Yakumo, the man has been busy over the Christmas period:

Retro Core 4 – Volume 14

In this episode, Yakumo is reviewing:

– Pulseman on the Megadrive
– A+m+o+k on the Saturn
– Appleseed on the SuperFamicom

Battle of the Ports – Golden Axe

As you guessed in this BOTP episode, Yakumo-san reviews various ports of Golden Axe, including the awful PC Engine port ;( can’t believe they messed it up that much, still hurts as of today x)

Finally if you are a fan of fighting games on the Saturn, Yakumo has uploaded the RETRO CORE SUMMER SPECIAL 2010 – Sega Saturn Fighting Special, show on Youtube, featuring 65 games and with a Total Running time of 2 hours 39 minutes, no less!!! The show is split in 5 parts, enjoy!!!

RETRO CORE SUMMER SPECIAL 2010 – Sega Saturn Fighting Special

That’s all for now, more to come on NEC stuffs, stay tuned!!!

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