More Retrocore!!!

Hey Folks,

Yakumo from Segagaga Domain has been busy again putting out some more Retro Core and Battle of the Ports videos, here is Retro Core – Volume 13 . In this episode, Yakumo is reviewing:

– Eliminate Down on the Megadrive;
– Bare Knuckle III on the Megadrive as well;
– Battle Tycoon on the Super Famicom;
– And Gameboy Color cloned called the GB Boy.

Another great episode, enjoy!!!

Few more episodes that I didn’t post yet…

Retro Core 4 – Volume 11 – JB King SFC Joystick – Sonic Blastman – Gynoug

Retro Core 4 – Volume 12 – Out Run 1209 – Korean Master System – Alien VS Predator


A lot has also happened in Battle of the Ports, catch-up below:

Battle of the Ports – R-Type

Battle of the Ports – Ghosts’n Goblins 魔界村

Battle of the Ports – Ghouls’n Ghosts 大魔界村

Battle of the Ports – Final Fight

Battle of the Ports – Double Dragon

Battle of the Ports – Dynamite Dux

Battle of the Ports – Forgotten Worlds ( ロストワールド ファゴットン ワールズ)

Here you go, our of retro gaming videos goodness, keep it coming Yakumo!!!

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