Catching up!!!

Hey Folks,

I hope  everyone is enjoying the summer days, I certainly am, it’s night time here and it’s still 26.9C degrees in my office x) Long time no post… Life is keeping me busy but gaming goes on, right?

What we have here then? Just a couple of updates on the RetroCore shows that I missed posting for starters, Yakumo’s been busy producing some brilliant images for us:

Retro Core 4 – Volume 8

In this show, we get reviews of The Ninja Warriors Again for the Super Famicom, Sonic Wings Special for the Saturn as well as a look at a Tenchi Muyo game. And finally Yakumo takes us around one of his epic secret filming adventure around a Mandarake shop, enjoy!!!

Retro Core 4 – Volume 9

A bit of Dreamcast on RetroCore this time or is it? We’re getting a good look at Yu Suzuki Game Works book as well as the enclosed Dreamcast GDROM that contains some of Yu’s famous games such as AfterBurner and Power Drift, playable on the Dreamcast.  We also get a side by side comparison of Power Drift on the Saturn and the Dreamcast. Finally Yakumo reviews Heavy Unit on the Megadrive, that game is close to my heart as one of my first Megadrive games, this game is mega hard and after many hours of frustration I did finish it… Nice shmup.

Retro Core 4 – Volume 10

In this show Yakumo takes a look at Double Dragon on the GameBoy, marvel VS Capcom 2 on the Dreamcast and the awful looking but great sounding shooter, Verytex on the Mega Drive. I’ve  not watched this one yet but surely it’s excellent as per usual.

And Finally…

Battle of the Ports

This is a new show format developed by Yakumo where he looks at a specific game and compares 12 versions of its ports. The first one in the series is about Space Harrier, quite an epic game. Looks at the ZX Spectrum port, respect to the programmers given the amount of power  that machines has, the scrolling is quite amazing.


I have recently received some nice PC-FX items from eBay such as the GMAKER for DOS/V which is essentially a consumer grade development kit for the PC-FXGA add-on card. My dev collection on PC-FX is growing although I’m still missing a few things like GMAKER+ for DOS/V and PC98 and an PC-FX SCSI adapter.

I’ve grown quite fond of the PC-FX over the years and even more so since people started translating some of its games into English, I did a long time ago… attempt to translate one game, I went as far as spending 2 years learning Japanese in class, get an app developed to translate japanese hex code into english  but I never really had the time to properly do it, although I did manage to hack the game and display quite a few english text…

Anyway, I will start working on more articles on the PC-FX with a primary focus on the PC-FXGA dev kit and the 3D chip the HuC6273 included on the board.

Stay tuned and bye for now 😉

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