Thunder Force VI – EZCap 148 Pro

Hey Folks, Just received a new USB video capture device, the EZCap 148 Pro:


It’s an extremely cheap capture solution but I’ve seen a few positive reviews and sample videos made with it and I thought for the price £12, what’s not to like? You can only do SD videos up to 720×576 but it comes with Composite, S-video and Component cables so progressive scan is possible 🙂 Just did my first video with it, capturing Thunder Force VI running on my PSX DESR-5100 via S-video and analog audio. Have a look and let me know your thoughts!!! Video has been de-interlaced and up-scaled to somewhat HD 😉


4 thoughts on “Thunder Force VI – EZCap 148 Pro”

  1. Wow, for a 12 pounds capture card that is mighty impressive!! The codec is pretty poor though. can you choose what codec to use when capturing or is capture in RAW format possible? If so I may buy one of these for my laptop.

  2. I used Handbrake for final compression which is ok generally but for some reasons Vimeo messes up the video… You can choose some codecs but I do RAW capture as space is not an issue these days, plus less artifacts straight up. I can share the output file pre-vimeo so you can get an idea?

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