Introducing Retrocore!!!

Hi Folks!

On this glorious winter Friday I want to share with you a unique show that my mate Yakumo over at has been making for over half a decade on retro games. Yakumo originally from the UK made the jump to move to Japan many years ago. Ever since he’s built sites and making videos to share his passion for retro games live from Japan.

His show is called RetroCore, now in its 4 iteration, it reviews games from yesteryear on platform such as the Saturn, Megadrive, SuperFamicom and many more. Yakumo also regularly takes the audience on trips to game shops and arcade in Japan. The show is well crafted and produced in hi-def. I can’t recommend enough fans of retro games to watch this show, here are the first 4 episodes of this season, I will post new episodes as they get released, enjoy!

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