Dear Visitors,

Welcome to my new blog!!! Some of you might remember my previous blog on WordPress (sabre470.wordpress.com) that blog is now long gone, long live SUPER CD·ROM² À GOGO!!!

Why the name, I hear you ask?

I have been a fan of PC Engine for the best part of 23 years now and the Super CDrom² attachment is my favorite add-on for this platform. A gogo? It means a lot in French but I use it mostly as a wink to my good friend Yakumo from SegagagaDomain ;)

Is the new blog only about NEC Systems?

No, it isn’t and there are loads of websites around already tackling this platform but don’t be surprised if there is content about NEC Systems :)

What are we going to talk about here?

Videogames of course!!! Here we will review games, released/unreleased, prototypes/beta, we’ll also talk about bits from my collection from the MSX computer up to the iPad, yes there a few good game on there too.

For now, we’ll get started with a review of Sturmwind for the Dreamcast and a post about a prototype of Forsaken 2 on the Playstation 2, enjoy!!!

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